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Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the UCR Botanic Gardens! Nestled in the foothills of the Box Springs Mountains on the east side of the University of California, Riverside Campus, the Gardens covers 40 hilly acres. Wander over four miles of scenic trails or just relax on a bench and enjoy the beauty.

The Gardens is a living plant museum with more than 3,500 plant species from around the  world for visitors and researchers to see and study. It was established primarily for teaching purposes. In a beautiful setting, the Gardens serves to provide a wide assortment of plant materials for courses at UCR and other local schools.Courses supported include anthropology, art, biology, botany, ecology, entomology, landscape plants, morphology, ornamental horticulture, plant pathology, photography and taxonomy. The Gardens also provides plant materials for various research projects and serves to test and exhibit plant species introduced from all parts of the world. The variable terrain and Riverside’s subtropical climate create numerous “micro-climates” which allow for the notable diversity of plantings.This wealth of vegetation creates a hospitable sanctuary for wildlife, where nearly 200 bird species have been officially observed.

Though maintained separately, the University of California Riverside campus grounds is also considered a part of the Botanic Gardens, and serves to demonstrate landscape plants that do well in Riverside’s climate.

UCR Botanic Gardens Calendar of Events
Please join us for an upcoming UCR Botanic Gardens event.  We’re sure you’ll find something of interest on the listing below!  Most of the events are open to the public while the  “Members Only” events are limited to members of the  Friends of the UCR Botanic Gardens, if you are not a Friend, consider joining.