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Much of California has a “Mediterranean” climate, with minimal winter rains, hot, dry summers and autumns with hot, drying winds. The lack of winter frosts and imported water makes growing an extremely wide range of plants possible in California. However, gardeners wishing to live in a sustainable way will want to plant water-wise plants in their gardens. Indeed, many cities may soon require it.

Native to Various Desert Regions of the World, these trees look incredible while using minimal amounts of water when compared to other trees.

Popular Trees:
Museum Palo Verde  •  Sissoo Tree  •  Chilean Mesquite
Vitex  •  Willow Acacia  •  Desert Willow  •  Acacia

Aside from our usual selection, we often have unique and hard to find species of Desert Trees that no one else in town carries. Due to high demand, some tree and plant species may have limited availability, so please contact us for our current inventory.

Vines add a distinct look by climbing  up vertical surfaces. Whether you have a fence, block, brick wall, trellis, or other vertical fixture, planting vines is a wonderful way to incorporate these into your landscape

Popular Vines:
Bouganvillea  •  Wisteria
Solanum  •  Red Trumpet Vine

After trees, properly selected and positioned shrubs can make or break a landscape. Our staff will be glad to help select the perfect shrubs for your landscape needs.

Popular Shrubs:
Red Yucca  •  Alyogyne
Sages  •  Aloe
Pomegranate  •  Pyrancantha

These plants are the simple solution to fill in barren areas between landscape features. Ground covers provide low, sweeping color and greenery, and are great for adding color without blocking views. They also great for weaving in and around taller plants to give gardens a full, abundant look.

Popular Ground Covers:
Thyme  •  Osteospermum  •  Gazania
Snow-In-Summer  •  Lantana

It takes an entire year for a plant to become fully established and Water Wise. At planting time, create a dirt “well” about 3- to 4-inches deep around each plant to hold sufficient water to penetrate the entire root ball. Water regularly. The very best planting times in Southern California are early spring before the weather heats up and late fall, with cooler temperatures. In general, Water Wise plants are not heavy feeders, and a yearly application of fertilizer is sufficient.