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DesertScape Design specializes in turf removal and desert landscape design.

Step One: The Estimate. We will provide you with an estimate and work with your budget. The estimate will include; design and landscape drawing of your property after turf removal. The estimate will also include any of the elements that you request to be included in the design, such as; turf removal, plant material based on size of container, DG (decomposed granite), gravel, river rock, boulders, irrigation, artificial turf, landscape lighting, stepping stones and labor.

Step Two: The Design. After estimate approval we will meet with you to decide on options for plant materials, color of DG, gravel, river rock, boulders, lighting etc. The final design drawing will take about two weeks. Several copies of the design drawing will be given to you, and can be used for HOA submission and rebate programs as well. We also provide assistance with applications for HOA’s and water district rebate programs.

Step Three: Installation. As soon as your application has been approved by your HOA and your water district, (if you are applying for a rebate program), your job will be scheduled for turf removal and installation. Installation usually takes from one to two weeks. We work with several different installers depending on your requirements.
Step Four: Maintenance. One of the benefits of desert landscape is the simplicity of maintenance. You should be able to cut back on your landscape maintenance cost significantly. Primarily by reducing the frequency and amount of time your current maintenance crew spends on your property. Some weekly or bi weekly clean up may be necessary depending on how clean you want your property to appear. Keep in mind this is subjective and really depends on your standards. Pruning 2 to 3 times a year is recommended.  Desert plants should not be over pruned, but left in a natural state especially when flowering. Hedge trimmers should never be used. It is most important for your gardener to monitor the new irrigation on your new desert landscape. Proper amounts of water are essential to maintain the health of your new plants.  This means no over watering and but does mean enough water.  Once your desert plants have become established, water can be cut back. If you go through one of the desert water agency’s rebate programs, you will be given a free “smart irrigation clock”. These smart clocks will increase or decrease water irrigation amounts according to the weather.
Step Five: Enjoy! Beautiful natural looking DesertScape!