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Are you frustrated and dismayed when you hear people say that losing weight is not “rocket science” and a matter of just making better choices. Do your friends and family agree that the key to lasting weight loss is simply “EAT LESS, Exercise More”… and then look at you with disappointment wondering why you just don’t get it? Have you endured the yo-yo diets, short term success, long term failures,
and the penetrating feelings of defeat and self loathing?

If you’re like most chronically overweight/obese people the above description is typical of your life-long weight loss struggle. Are you ready to just give up, thinking you are destined to be one of the 130 million Americans who are overweight or obese? If that’s you or someone you love, KEEP READING to discover how to finally break-free and achieve lasting weight loss success.

WHY do You struggle with your weight?
”WHY?”, it’s the most vitally important question to ask. Especially when you’re dealing with chronic health conditions like obesity. But sad to say it is rarely considered, even by leading health experts. So I ask you “Why do you struggle with your weight?”. You need to find the answer to achieve lasting results.
•     Is STRESS preventing you from burning fat and triggering you to eat
emotionally when you’re bored or depressed?
•     Do you suffer from underlying HORMONE IMBALANCES due to pregnancy
or menopause?
•     Do you suffer from undiagnosed METABOLIC CONDITIONS of your
thyroid gland, anemia, or a pre-diabetic blood sugar imbalance?
•     Or maybe you struggle with unaddressed Behaviors/Habits/mindset
that keep you on the diet roller coaster but never allow you to achieve
lasting success.

WHY you continue to struggle is likely due to a combination of these genetic, metabolic, chronic and progressive disease processes. Hopefully, you now realize obesity and being chronically overweight may not even be your fault. No wonder short-term, cookie cutter weight loss programs fail so miserably and consistently.  Did you know that commercial weight loss programs have a 95% failure rate at 3-4 years. Even Weight Watchers, which excels as a good source of nutritional information and support, has only an average of 6 pounds of weight loss at the end of two years! These approaches can only address the tip of the iceberg. The hidden cause of your weight problem, must be discovered and corrected in order to produce healthy, lasting, weight loss.

Only A Healthy Body & Mind Can Lose The Weight AND Keep If Off! OK, So What Is The Solution?
At Non-Surgical Wellness and Body makeover we use the most modern technology to discover  the reason you are overweight and work to correct and heal it. It begins with  a careful evaluation of your history and present health concerns. We then develop a customized wellness and nutrition program just for you. Our techniques help you change deep rooted eating and lifestyle habits so you can get back in control, feel more confident, stay motivated, experience less stress and finally gain freedom from your weight problem.

It does NOT require starvation dieting or, strenuous exercise. It is NOT a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach like B12 injections or celebrity promoted packaged food programs. It is not  dangerous or damaging to your metabolism and does not require counting calories or points. It uses No drugs of any kind and certainly involves NO Surgery.

What The Neuro-Metabolic Weight-Loss solution is: A sensible, scientific approach that helps you heal your metabolism and finally achieve lasting weight loss by first identifying where your body is unhealthy and then restoring optimal function.

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? To wake up refreshed and live life to the fullest extent? To stop making excuses why you can’t do things with your kids or grandkids? It starts with discovering more about The Neuro-Metabolic Weight-Loss Solutions so you can determine if its right for you. Call today to schedule your FREE personalized health assessment (951) 778-1111.