Electric Beach Bronzing Studio

About Us

Not Your Typical Tanning Salon!

-Luxe Tanning Beds
-Red Light Therapy
-Spray Tan
-Skin Care Products
-Body Wraps
-Beautifying Skin Treatments
-Fabulous Clothing Line


Ditch the “tan lines” and bronze your body in one of our luxe tanning beds.  For instant gratification, have one of our Spray Tan professionals give you the sun kissed skin you desire.

Our services don’t stop at tanning.  We have a wide range of skin care products and services designed to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.  Our Cavitation Treatments are both opulent, and rewarding.  Relax your way to a better You.

It’s A Great Day at the Beach!!

Stop by or call for your appointment. and check out our Summer Specials!!