The Human Touch: Handcrafted items speak to the soul with unique, customized appeal

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If you crave a handcrafted look in your home, it’s easy to achieve with design elements that can be as simple or luxurious as you wish. Handcrafted items can be found virtually anywhere, including places like your local antique store, specialty showrooms and even online. Whatever your budget, adding key handmade items to your home can evoke that sense of quality, refinement and soul throughout your interior decor.

Start with these unique elements to bring the beauty of handcrafting into your home:

Hardwood Shutters
Beauty, charm and practicality meet in hardwood shutters. The perfect tool to protect rooms from too much sun and to help keep indoor temperatures cool during hot summers.  Shutters add architecture to the window and are a true a design statement.

Handcrafted Furniture
Whether you opt for antiques or choose something more contemporary, handcrafted furniture speaks of quality and customization. Each piece hand made by exacting furniture artisans is unique, and creates a one-of-a-kind effect in your home. What’s more, a handmade piece of furniture can become a cherished family heirloom – be it a rocking chair for the nursery or an accent table for the family room. The superior quality and individuality of handmade furniture can make it well worth the investment.

Hardwood Floors
Simply Classic -Heirloom Hardwood Floors. Reminiscent of the historic hardwoods of Europe, the Heirloom collection features truly hand scraped floors that have the look of subtly aged timbers, the look and pedigree of the finest estates and manors of yesteryear. The durable protection of UV cured, aluminum oxide coatings combined with warm array of natural and richly stained colors give the look of a beautifully crafted and styled, handmade floor.

Incorporating handmade art and other accessories is a cost-effective, versatile way to achieve the appeal of handcrafting in your home decor. Antiques are often handcrafted. Placing actual paintings or hand-sculpted artwork throughout your home, rather than machine-produced prints or knickknacks, adds a depth of quality and character to decor. Choose hand-stitched accent pillows or hand-knit throws for comfort and individuality.

With so many handcrafted options available, it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind, quality effect in your home decor. From shutters to floors to accessories, handcrafted items endow interior decor with personality and a custom look that will be truly your own.