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About Us


Kitchens & Baths by Lynn Inc. specializes in one-of-a-kind renovations that take your dream of a truly unique kitchen or bathroom and make it a reality. As a boutique design firm, each of our designs bears our own unique stamp illustrating the personal thought, care and service that went into it.

It’s the first and last room you spend time in every day. It’s one of the most important spaces in your life. By having a well-designed bathroom you create a positive mood for yourself. Just think about that?

• Does my bathroom have good light?
• Is there enough storage space?
• Are my counters high enough or low enough?
• Do I like the look of my cabinets, do they open easy?
• Are there enough outlets? Are they placed properly?
• Is my shower spacious enough? Does it vent quietly and adequately? Do my shower heads meet my needs? Does my shower have a seat and built-in bottle niches?
If you have answered “No” to any of the above, then it’s time for a new bathroom!
This can be a simple fix or a more custom alternative.


Sometimes it’s as simple as refinishing the cabinet fronts. We can re-stain or paint them with a glazed brushed on wood grain to give a fresh look at a low cost. Installing a new back splash to the sink or vanity with glass or stone tiles will add interest, bling and fun to your bathroom. A simple fix, which can make a difference, can be as easy as changing out the door hardware.
We could paint or add wall covering on two or more walls creating texture and color. Changing out the faucets and shower heads is another great way of adding a fresh look for little money. A current design update today is to remove the wall mirror and add hanging, framed, decorative mirrors. Another look is to install hanging, framed, decorative mirrors right over the existing wall mirror.

New floors with a nice tile design around the floor or in the middle of the floor gives a new and personalized attraction to the space. Lighting is not just essential to how you use your bathroom; it is an opportunity to add interior design interest! Here is a chance for us to help you improve not just how you see but what you see. Installing new lighting such as decorative sconces or pendants can make a major difference in the way you see your bathroom. On the subject of lighting, we would like to open or flare out your existing small skylight giving you more natural light. This can make a huge visual impact. You may want us to install a new banjo counter top to give you more counter room. This is a top that is attached to the counter and extends to the toilet.
Let’s open up and reconfigure the shower. By angling one wall or the door opening you can give it that custom look and improve the overall
layout. Make the shower a space you would love to be in.

We install seats and fancy grab bars to provide safety and easy access entering and exiting the space. The 8″ rain head with a hand held shower bar and head is a popular choice for ease of cleaning or just washing the dog.
Installing a private etched glass window between the toilet wall and the shower or vanity wall is a nice idea that gives interest, light and added privacy. There are many different finishes, and glass types to choose from.
There is a lot that can be done when redesigning your bathroom. Whether it be configuring a new foot print or just making some simple changes, we at Kitchens and Baths by Lynn have been creating new bathroom spaces for over 30 years and we’d like to help you create the bathroom you desire!

Isn’t it time to make some changes or update your bathroom? In return this new space will make you feel good!