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Natives bloom brightly by the back door, temperatures are heating up, cookout season is on the horizon and you’re ready to give your outdoor living space a breath of fresh air. Great patios and decks enhance your enjoyment of spring and summer, and boost home value, so it’s well worth the investment to update and upgrade your home’s exterior living space.
Patio (or deck) perfection can be within your reach. Simply follow these seven steps to create an outdoor environment where you’ll be proud to entertain all summer long.

Update your patio furniture
Whether your current patio set is worn out, you need more seating or are just in the mood for a whole new look, new patio furniture can change the way you feel about your outdoor environment – and how much time you spend there! Whether you want traditional wicker, durable metals or exotic woods, spend time to research and find the right outdoor furnishings for your home.

Replace cushions on your current set
If your current patio furniture is in good shape but just in need of some freshening, it’s easy enough to give it new life with small tweaks like updated patio cushions. Cushions are the crowning touch to catch the eye on patio furniture, and you can find hundreds of patterns, shapes and styles of patio pillows to choose from.

Add a water  feature
One best way to create your own oasis is with a water feature. Easy to find and simple to set up accessories like a fountain can bring the harmony of water to your outdoor environment. Waterfall features immediately create a feeling of Zen and help drown out the noise of everyday life.

Make some shade
When you need a break from the sun, but aren’t ready to head indoors, shade can help you stay outside so you can enjoy the fresh air longer. You can add shade in many ways, from installing a retractable awning, over the deck or patio to strategically planting trees or climbing vines on a trellis. One of the simplest way to add shade is to use patio umbrellas and shade sails which are available in a wide range of hues, patterns and styles.

Heat up your grilling station
What outdoor environment would be complete without a great grill or pizza oven? Accessories make grilling fun and easy. Outfit your grills, pizza station, fire pits with everything you need for a enjoyable culinary experience.

Lighten up
When you’re having a relaxing time outdoors, who wants to stay inside just because its dark? Add some lighting to your outdoor living space to create ambiance and allow you to enjoy your patio long after the sun goes down. Invest in hard-wired patio or deck lights, go eco-friendly and easy with solar lights, or choose from an array of battery-powered or candle-fired lanterns.

Use decor to create a theme
Just as your home’s interior has a design theme, choosing a theme for your patio or deck can pull the look together. Whether your taste is Boho Chic, Tribal or Weekend Getaway, you can find decor items that underscore the theme. Wall decorations, outdoor rugs, decorative planters and flower pots, wind chimes and statuary all work together to create a look you’ll love throughout the spring and summer.

The perfect patio, and hours of outdoor enjoyment, is within reach this spring and summer.