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At Peak Performance Chiropractic we strive to put the performance back into your life with therapeutic Massage, chiropractic treatments, and nutritional care. Dr. Bobbie Hall uses her 20 years of experience to combine massage and chiropractic treatments for chronic pain, car accidents, workplace injuries, and athletic injures.  Dr. Hall will create the best treatment plan that fits each patient’s needs. Another service provided by Peak Performance Chiropractic is clinical nutritional counseling using a line of organic supplementation products to bring patients’ care full circle. At Peak Performance Chiropractic we want to help you put the “performance” back in your life.

Introducing i-Lipo Services!
Haley is our certified  i-Lipo consultant at Peak Performance Chiropractic trained to perform this FDA approved low level laser treatment. This treatment helps reduce the size of the fat cell by penetrating 9mm deep into the skin and allowing the fat to be lymphatically drained with no damage to the cell itself. Then an infrared vacuum massage is used to help promote collagen growth for smoother tighter looking skin. After this treatment cardio exercise is required for increased lymphatic drainage. You can lose 5-10 inches off your abdomen and 2-3 inches off your arms or legs in 4 weeks!

Total Body Transformation!
Join our most successful i-Lipo clients by participating in our Performance Transformation Lifestyle Club. Start with our 10-day Transformation Cleanse followed by the 4 week i-Lipo plan along with 4 weeks of meal plans. Not only will you lose inches but you will have 5-20 pounds of weight loss. The Total Body Transformation will not only help you lose weight but also cleanse, re-set your metabolism, detox, break addictions to processed foods, boost energy, improve digestion, sleep soundly and think more clearly.