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By: Connie Ransom & Charlotte Mckenzie

We often hear this question from clients new to the area, and even those who have lived here for years.

Four major educational institutions thrive here, all contributing substantially to our quality of life.  They are, Riverside Community College (RCC), California Baptist University (CBU), La Sierra University, and the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

Riverside Community College: Located in the heart of the Wood Streets, is the oldest having just celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Landis Performing Arts Theater provides a perfect venue for live theater productions; the Riverside Aquatics Complex is a shining example of community and college collaboration; and the new Centennial Plaza, including the Culinary School and the impressive Coil School for the Arts is a venue we are all looking forward to experiencing. RCC also curates the Center for Social Justice downtown.

California Baptist University: Centrally located in the Arlington Heights neighborhood, has grown immensely over the past decade. Their anticipated sports arena will raise the bar even higher.  This arena, scheduled for completion in 2017, will be a great addition to the campus and community. CBU students participate in the community through internships and study programs.

La Sierra University: On the western edge of town, is known for their choral groups performing both on Campus and at the Fox Performing Arts Center. The Bransdstater Gallery features both local and visiting artists and creates another bridge to the community.

University of California, Riverside: Nestled into the Box Springs Mountains, has a rich history. Lectures and events are often open to public participation. Their Botanic Gardens are an option for a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.  UCR shares the UCR Artsblock on Main Street featuring the California Museum of Photography and the Culver Center for the Arts.

All four colleges participate and contribute to Riverside’s Long Night of Arts and Innovation, the huge biannual event staged throughout Downtown. Riverside is indeed a college town.