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We understand the frustration of battling pain with medications and procedures that simply do not work. Here at HLA Center, we work with our patients and not only treat their injuries, we treat them like family. We walk you through all of our different therapy options to ensure your trust the minute you walk in.

Below are 3 testimonials and success stories from HLA and Dr Kimi Gunderson’s treatments:

“I have had severe Neuropathy in my feet and ankles for over 10 years. I experienced extreme numbness and tingling in my feet which resulted in major balance issues. I could not walk for any length of time without pain and discomfort.  My doctor told me ‘go home and live with it.’ I was finally approved for acupuncture treatments on a trial basis. I started receiving acupuncture treatments over a year ago from  Dr. Kimi Gudmundsen.  I noticed an improvement in my condition after only 3 to 4 treatments.  Now one year later, I have substantial improvement in the numbness and tingling.  Dr. Kimi and her staff are a credit to their profession.”  - Wayne Hunt,  Age 72

“I was feeling terrible – in pain all the time and could not sleep. I had to walk with a cane. I was referred to my doctor to try Acupuncture.  I was desperate! I started and liked Dr. Kimi.  After 2 to 3 treatments I definitely noticed a drastic change for the good.  I no longer am using a cane and am now feeling very good.”  - Eileen,  Age 80

“What a relief! I first came to Dr. Kimi about six months ago based on a reav review by a friend.  First I only had Acupuncture, but now have also body and foot massage every two weeks.  My lower back pain and swollen feet and ankles are distant memories.  Not only is my chronic pain and swelling gone.  I now also  sleep better and have more energy.  For a modest investment of time and money I have recouped a significant improvement in my quality of life.  Thank you Dr. Kimi!” - Millie, Age 55

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