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We are all happy to hear, and hope it’s true, that El Nino is coming and will help with our water crisis. The forecast by the national Weather Service is for a Super El Nino, or what one colorful forecaster is calling the “Godzilla El Nino”.

We need rain and snow pack to help end our drought. And with all of that water on the way, now is the time to be sure our roofs are functioning properly. We all have “kicked the can down the road” with repair and maintenance projects on our roofs, gutters and yard drainage systems. Why? We all have the fear of calling someone to our homes for an evaluation because we think they will try to sell us something that we just don’t need. If we have a leaky toilet, we don’t want someone to try and sell us a new bathroom.

Go Roof Tune Up will not try to sell you a new roof. What we will do is give you a completely FREE written report, including photos, of the condition of your roof. If your roof is repairable, we will offer a proposal to “Tune Up” your roof and provide a 5 year limited warranty on your entire roof. If your roof is not repairable, our comprehensive report provides you with a budget that will help you when shopping for a roof replacement.

Now is the time to get ready. Call a licensed Roofing contractor with a solid reputation and do it before Godzilla arrives.