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Using wood as an accent product in the interior of your home never goes out of style and today’s wood walls have come a long way from the panels that were in fashion in the 60’s and 70’s.

Peel-and-stick designs makes professional looking results achievable by anyone with a spare afternoon. Panels are easy to install, extra strong peel and stick, wood wall panels that offer an affordable way to make a big impact in the design of your space.

Planks work by offering homeowners a series of wooden slats that can be affixed easily onto any wall. The design aesthetic can be totally customized.

The looks and styles can range from rustic, distressed, weathered and reclaimed to modern and antique, and even a parquet plank look. The panels come in wood and vinyl, but, most importantly, these planks can be used anywhere – kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, and for both floor and wall designs.

Statement Ceilings
You’ve heard of accent walls, but how about an accent ceiling? Add texture to the often-overlooked “fifth wall”

Wallplanks are offered in 14 different colors and one unfinished style for the crafty do-it-yourself crowd. The only limit is your imagination! #StickToYourStyle          Available at